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AttackForge® is a penetration testing management and collaboration platform that will save you time, effort and money on your next pentest.

Save Time

High-quality customisable reports, on-demand and at the click of a button.

Save Effort

Integrated, Centralised & Rich Issue Library. Stop re-inventing the wheel.

Save Money

Tools and workflows to reduce pentest overheads and costs by up to 40%.

Slash Remediation Times

From pentester to developer in near real-time. Raise issues fast, fix even faster.

Go-To-Market Faster

Avoid burning time and money waiting for reports. Get ready for Go-Live instead!

Clearer View

See your organistion's vulnerable areas. Know your real weaknesses.

AttackForge Enterprise has proven itself as a powerful tool in the Pen Testing practice

Leveraging the power of AFE, our penetration testers are able to easily collaborate on projects, identify application and infrastructure related vulnerabilities, and provide rapid updates to our customers.

Leveraging the power of AFE, our penetration testers are able to easily collaborate on projects, identify application and infrastructure related vulnerabilities, and provide rapid updates to our customers.

AFE allows us to coordinate our penetration testing efforts by leveraging the calendar and project request systems built into the tool. We have gained the ability to utilize resources more effectively by knowing who is allocated to which project with the click of a button. The dashboard tools available give managers a quick view on priority areas of focus, such as highly exploitable vulnerabilities, total number of vulnerabilities identified, remediation efforts, etc.

The AttackForge team continues to develop a tool for the next generation of penetration testing. They deliver feature asks and new functionality on-time and are receptive to feedback in quick fashion. Finding a platform that suited our needs was a challenge, but AFE has provided flexibility and usability above and beyond initial expectations.

Director Information Security Engineering Walgreens Boots Alliance

Still intersted? Try AttackForge.com

AttackForge.com | AttackForge Enterprise

A Platform For Everyone

AttackForge.com is a free-to-use collaboration platform to help you manage your own security and penetration testing projects.

AttackForge Enterprise is a purpose built platform to manage large penetration testing programs for Enterprise; or for Consultancies to deliver penetration testing projects to clients.


AttackForge Enterprise brings Business, Technology and Security teams together to reduce vulnerability remediation lead times and increase go-to-market speed. AttackForge Enterprise is proven - put to work in large organisations to help save direct costs, increase visibility and reduce effort on every pentest.

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AttackForge.com is trusted by security teams all over the world, from boutique consultancies to top-tier organisations. AttackForge.com makes communication, collaboration, transparency and reporting much easier, and eliminates many of the pain points for a typical pentest project.

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Passionate about simplifying and demystifying pentesting

Our Mission

Creating technology to help security teams globally better manage penetration testing projects and programs.

Our Vision

To create trusted and rigorous industry standard tools for managing security and penetration testing projects and their related activities.

From The Founders - Fil Filiposki

Pentesting is broken. And we're working hard to fix it.

Pentesting is archaic and disconnected between Business, Technology and Security teams. Reports are manual, static, and delivered sometimes weeks after vulnerabilities are first discovered. Pentesters and Developers aren't collaborating. Pentesters are getting burned out. The disconnect and frustration between all parties is costing big - in wasted effort, wasted time and wasted costs.

We're pioneering a platform and related technologies to fix these problems. To embrace the age of collaboration. To make communication, collaboration, transparency and reporting much easier, and eliminate many of the pain points for a typical pentest project.

From The Founders - Stas Filshtinskiy

Pentesting. Thrilling and Painful.

Being on both sides of pentesting is both thrilling and painful. It is thrilling to see the excitement when someone gets a shell on a server that is n-levels deep. But it's painful to see it happen time and time again, with the same attack from a decade ago.

It is thrilling when issues get fixed, and fast. But it's painful when developers have to wait weeks for a hundred page report, when only five pages are actually relevant to them. And most painful of all is when two of your friends - one a pentester and one a development lead - are arguing over a few vulnerabilities, weeks after the end of a pentest, and many weeks behind go-live deadline, whilst both being correct in their own right.

We see AttackForge as a place where everyone involved in penetration testing can get together and truly collaborate, set aside their differences and work towards the greater cause.

Short History

  1. Founded Cyber Security Hub

    Cyber Security Hub Logo

    Started Cyber Security Hub - a Melbourne, Australia based consultancy delivering penetration testing and governance, risk and compliance services to organisations. Bootstrapped our way to creating AttackForge minimal viable product.

  2. Launched AttackForge Enterprise MVP

    Product Launch

    After much blood, sweat and tears - we finally launched our MVP to our consulting clients. We would spend the next two years refining AttackForge until it was ready for the world.

  3. Launched AttackForge.com

    Product Launch

    People really liked AttackForge Enterprise, but wanted a light, easily accessible version to use on their own projects and clients. Thus AttackForge.com was (accidently) borne.

  4. First International Enterprise Sale


    We finally made our first international AttackForge Enterprise sale. This was an exciting time for the team, and the much needed fuel to ignite our fire towards accelerating AttackForge product development into new and uncharted markets.





We're Hiring!
Are You Looking For Your Next Challenge?

Black Hat Asia 2020
by AttackForge

We are looking for a senior developer or engineer who is excited about joining a rapidly growing cyber security start up. You will work closely with the founders, learning about penetration testing and building next-generation collaboration software used by thousands of security teams globally. You will be able to influence the technology roadmap and grow into a tech leadership position. Job Description


AttackForge @ OWASP AppSecDay Australia 2019

Black Hat Europe 2019
by AttackForge

The AttackForge team will be showcasing AttackForge Enterprise at Australia's biggest software security conference for technology professionals - OWASP AppSecDay 2019! Ensure to check out the demo of AttackForge Enterprise, and enter the draw to win a free 12-month subscription for AttackForge Pro.


We're accepted into Black Hat Europe Arsenal 2019

Black Hat Europe 2019
by AttackForge

We are honoured and privileged to be accepted into the Black Hat Europe Arsenal for 2019! Looking forward to showcasing all the new features and capabilities we have built into AttackForge since we last presented here in 2018, and also catching up with friends!


Podcast @ Cyber Speaks LIVE -
Why Pentesting Is Broken

Black Hat USA 2019
by AttackForge

Excited to be speaking with Duncan McAlynn (@infosecwar) to share our experiences and thoughts on why we believe pentesting is broken, and how we are trying to solve the problems. Interested to hear thoughts from the LIVE audience on whether they have had similar experiences to us. Oh and we are randomly giving away three (3) AttackForge Pro Yearly subscriptions worth $600 each, so make sure you stick around for the LIVE Q&A for a chance to win.


We're accepted into Black Hat USA Arsenal 2019

Black Hat USA 2019
by AttackForge

And now for the big one. The Grand Black Hat. We are honoured, proud and thrilled to be presenting in the Black Hat USA Arsenal 2019! We were promised it's going to be big. We can't wait, we have worked so hard on new features for AttackForge.com and we're very excited to show the world!


We're accepted into Black Hat Asia Arsenal 2019

Black Hat Asia 2019
by AttackForge

AttackForge.com was accepted into Black Hat Asia Arsenal 2019. We learned so much from the Europe conference, we were excited to show everyone our progress and how we addressed community feedback. It was a stellar event - Singapore really knows how to turn it up!


We're accepted into Black Hat Europe Arsenal 2018

Black Hat Europe 2018
by AttackForge

An exciting and nerve-racking time for our team. AttackForge.com was accepted into the prestigious Black Hat Arsenal. This would be our first major public announcement and showcase of AttackForge.com. Would it stack up and be accepted by the community? We hope so :) EDIT: it was!


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