Made For Security Teams

Core helps security teams increase speed & quality of penetration testing reports. You get a client portal with workflows to unify pentesting across your team and enterprise. You can also measure effectiveness & prove value of your penetration testing program & services.

Save Time

High-quality customisable reports, on-demand and when you need them.

Save Effort

Integrated, Centralised & Rich Write-ups Library. Speak a consistent language.

Save Money

Tools and workflows to reduce project overheads and costs by up to 40%.

Team Collaboration

Business, Technology and Security teams collaborating in one place.


Pre-loaded with industry benchmarks - for efficient & auditable testing.

Clearer View

See your organistion's vulnerable areas. Know your real weaknesses.

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Enterprise Reporting

Custom Reporting

AttackForge ReportGen Is The Easiest-to-Use Pentest Reporting Tool Available!

Create fully customized reports in minutes with no programming required! Based on DOCX templates that you can style. 10x templates are available for free! Reporting is no longer a worry with AttackForge ReportGen!

Enterprise Analytics


Know Your Security Posture - At Any Time

Track vulnerabilities over time, across customers, organisation or individual business units. Track vulnerabilities by SLAs. Compare against periods of time. Know what are your Top 10 Most Vulnerable Assets, Top 10 Most Common Vulnerabilities and Top 10 Failed Testcases. Measure your Mean-Time-To-Remediate (MTTR). Better plan your investment in training and awareness. Executive and line reporting out of the box.

Methodologies & Runbooks

Methodologies & Runbooks

Industry Standard Benchmarks and Methodologies

Enterprise is loaded with industry benchmarks from OWASP, NIST, PCI, OSSTMM and others. Enforce and Control exactly how you want it tested, every time. Bring standardization and consistency to your pentesting projects & program. Keep your customers & auditors happy.



Centralized Libraries. Unified Vulnerability Language.

Create standardized vulnerability definitions and recommendations. Ensure your teams are all speaking the same language. Reduce time & effort on review cycles. Bring vulnerabilites immediately to development teams and engineers - Reduce Time-To-Remediate (TTR).

Enterprise Scheduling


Schedule and Plan Your Testing Program

Keep on top of your testing program. Let your customers request new projects in a standardized way. Track projects in the pipeline. Availability assistant & detailed planner to help manage resources effectively.

Enterprise Search


Vulnerability Information When You Need It

Search helps you to find the vulnerability information you need. Search vulnerabilities by asset; discover vulnerabilities within a group; find vulnerabilities by title; or dill-down by tags. Answer the tough questions within a fraction of the time!

Attack Chains

Attack Chains

See Attack From Hackers Perspective

Attack Chains help demonstrate exactly what an attacker is doing at every step - in a simple and clear visual story. Understand how vulnerabilities can be grouped together to cause devastating attacks against your organisational assets. Map Attack Chains to MITRE ATT&CK® Framework in minutes!

Import Vulnerabilities

Import Vulnerabilities

AttackForge Connector Helps You Import Vulnerabilities From Tools, Platforms and Scripts

AttackForge Connector helps you import vulnerabilities to your projects from tools such as Tenable Nessus and Burp Suite Proxy. Or you can use the API for custom imports.

Export Vulnerabilities

Export Vulnerabilities*

AttackForge Helps You Export Vulnerabilities Into Your Enterprise Ecosystem

AttackForge helps you export vulnerabilities to your enterprise ecosystem and ticketing tools, including JIRA, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps and more. * Priced separately



Track Remediation Efforts and Retesting

Know if and when vulnerabilities are remediated or fixed. Transparency and traceability - audit logs & recorded history for every vulnerability. Request, track & perform retesting.

Stealth Mode

Review Workflows

QA Finally Made Easy!

Efficient workflows to review and QA vulnerabilities with your teams. Communication & notifications to keep your teams updated. You can QA every vulnerability on your pentest from just one screen! How good is that!?

Global Dashboard

Global Dashboard

Single Pane of Glass Into Your Security

Monitor how your organisation is performing against its security & penetration testing program. Drill-down on key vulnerabilities and projects. Track performance of projects and make more informed decisions.

Group Dashboard

Group Dashboard

Monitor Your Business Units

Keep on top of your security posture for a business unit, division, subsidiary, 3rd party or team – know which areas in your organisation are doing well or which areas need improvement. Group membership provides easy to manage access controls for your teams.

Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Control Panel For Your Pentests

View testing progress & vulnerabilities for your projects - at a glance. Download reports in multiple formats. Export vulnerabilities into ticketing systems. View daily tracking. Participate in team chats. Create fully custom reports. View attack chains.

Daily Progress Tracking

Daily Progress Tracking

Easily Track Pentesting Progress

Track how your projects are performing – on a daily basis. Know if issues are being experienced & when they are resolved. Get to know your project team. Daily breakdown of vulnerabilities found & test cases actioned.

Stealth Mode


Personalise Your Theme

Enable different themes based on your mood and preference. Discover themes such as Stealth Mode, The Matrix, Lightning, Halloween, RedBack, Neptune, Firestorm, Lost Woods & Amethyst.

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Action Pack


per month

25 Projects Included
$50 / project thereafter
Unlimited Client User Licences
10 Pentester / Admin User Licences
$50 / user / month thereafter
10 Groups
$50 / group / month thereafter
No lock-in Contract.
Monthly billing via credit-card – cancel at any time
Dedicated Tenant in
Microsoft Azure Region of Your Choice
All amounts are in US Dollars

Action Pack


Dedicated Tenant Hosted in Microsoft Azure Region of Your Choice. Fully Managed Service
Handover SLA < 2 minutes
Custom Sub-domain on
Company Logo
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Custom Tenant Configurations * Limited

Licence & Fees

Monthly Pay-as-you-Go, cancel at any time
* billed in US dollars
Included Projects
Additional Projects
$50 / project
Included Users
Unlimited Client User Licences

10 Pentester / Admin User Licences
Additional Users
$50 / user / month
Groups (Teams / Customers / Business Units)
Additional Groups
$50 / group / month
Upgrades to Latest Features


Priority Email
Support Centre & Training Videos


Professional On-Demand Reports (PDF, DOCX, HTML, CSV, JSON)
Customizable On-Demand Reports (PDF, DOCX, HTML, CSV, JSON)
AttackForge ReportGen - 10x Starter DOCX Templates with No-Code Required
Quality Assurance (QA) Workflow & Revision Notes
Group Reports
AttackForge ReportGen Offline - For Custom Reports In Your Own Styles, Templates
AttackForge ReportGen Integrated - For Custom Reports On-Demand


Global Dashboard
Rules-Based Vulnerability SLAs
Remediation Plans
Advanced Search
Attack Chains
Integration with CI/CD tools - JIRA, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps * In-app upgrade
Integration with Vulnerability Management Tools * In-app upgrade
Retest Workflows
Custom Fields & Forms
Full Support for CVSS v3.1


Dashboards & Project Tracking
Dedicated Secure Workspace for Every Project
Scheduling & Calendar
Resource Management
Roles-Based Access Controls
Project Request Workflows
Custom Notifications
Custom Fields & Forms
Integration with Collaboration tools - MS Teams, Slack, Discord


Centralized & Customizable Vulnerability Templates
Custom Vulnerability Libraries with Access Controls
Pre-loaded Vulnerability Templates from CWE & CAPEC
Centralized & Customizable Test Suites & Methodologies/Runbooks
Execution Flows and Dedicated Test Case Workspaces
Pre-loaded Test Suites from OWASP, OSSTMM & Others
Custom Fields & Forms


Asset Management & Register * In-app upgrade


Groups (Teams / Customers / Business Units) 10
Group Dashboard & Tracking
Link Groups to Project, Vulnerabilities, Users


Analytics Dashboard
Trend Analysis & Comparison * In-app upgrade
Personalize Analytics Dashboard * In-app upgrade

Self-Service API

100+ Documented RESTful & Events APIs with Examples * In-app upgrade


Project Event Notifications
Dashboard-style Time-based Notifications (Daily Updates, SLAs, Overruns, etc.) * In-app upgrade
Custom Rules-Based Email Engine * In-app upgrade

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